3rd Concert Piece

by Nazaire Beeckman


Nazaire Beeckman (1822-1900)

A Belgian clarinettist, saxophonist and composer, born in Termonde on November 19th, 1822 and died in Brussels on September 19th, 1900. He was the founder and the first professor of the class of saxophone in the Brussels Royal Conservatory between 1867 and

1871 (while Sax teaches in the Paris Conservatory).

His 3rd concert piece is dedicated "to (his) students. It is possible that it had been written previously to its publication date, at the time when Beeckman was still professor.

This is the last piece of a cycle of three works for saxophone and piano which also includes the Elegy Op 14 and the 2nd Concert Piece Op 17. It requires more virtuosity than the previous ones.

It was published in Paris in 1889 at Richault and Cie (then in 4 Boulevard of the Italians) under the number 19128.R . It is printed by Chaimbaud & Cie, 18 rue de la Tour d'Auvergne.

The Richault fund was acquired by Costallat in 1903, itself bought back by Billaudot in 1958. The 2nd Concert Piece is still published by Billaudot.

Of this composer, we also know some other pieces for saxophone of which the Morceau de concours of the Brussels Conservatory in 1885, an Adagio and Allegro, a Souvenir of the Castle of Waterloo, a Military Concertino and an adaptation of his Flemish Rhapsody for clarinet.


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