Alto Holton doré 1911


N° 15244 : this respectable grand-father dates from 1911. Whatever, it’s already built with all the innovations of modern saxophones ...  If Holton is not selling industrial numbers like Buescher, Conn and King, it is a real and fearless innovator (it will prove it later with the Rudy Wiedoeft series of saxophones).

A saxophone that will please the nice engravings amateurs : a gold plated Holton, with its floral motives typical of the brand, Rudy Wiedoeft’s favourite. The man who  probably saved the saxophone from the de the oversight in which it had fallen in Europe. This pionneer of new techniques (slap, glissando, double staccato, laughing sounds ...) played the C-melody as wella as the alto and toured in a «vaudeville» repertory. He created a real craze around his instrument, as important as the guitar craze during the 1960s-70s.

Mother of pearl keys and rollers, gold plated end plug and key gards ... finitions are taken seriously at Holton in 1911 !!