Most of these recordings were unpublished or difficult to find ... Sorry for the bad quality ... of some of these documents. Click on the picture.

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Mai by Marie-Hélène FOURNIER
A concerto for baritone saxophone and ensemble recorded here during its French premiere in Metz in May, 2010 for the 20th anniversary of the CeFeDeM. The composer was then one of the kingpins of the institution. Serge Bertocchi plays here with the Ensemble Stravinsky.../
Le Soupir de la Vache 
by Pierre-Adrien CHARPY
A solo piece for tubax, written originally within the framework of a CD project "The litle siren", it is now one of the important pieces in the instrument's repertory.../
Fragments gourmands 
by Jacques LEJEUNE (concert Montreuil)

A virtuoso piece for reciting saxophonist (texts by Brillat-Savarin) playing 7 successive or simultaneous saxophones to illustrate the legitimacy of greed ! The gap between the current notions on food and the XIXth century conception of it is delicious.../
Yod by Bruno GINER
Another piece for baritone saxophone which was dedicated to me and which became a repertory piece ever since. No multiphonics. The beginning sounds irritated, like a bear in a cage, then a passage of slaps with speed variations, then a long melopea preceding a final which alternates a set of tone colors with the previous elements.../
Zwei Akte de Mauricio Kagel, grand duo concertant for harp and saxophones, 
with Hélène Breschand (hp)
Festival Music’action of Vandœuvre les Nancy 2001

This virtuoso piece of instrumental theater is one of the best of the kind. It associates two instruments representative of the feminine and male archetypes in a hair-raising dialogue.../