Concerts solo


Serge Bertocchi proposes several possibilities of solo concerts, emphasizing the baritone saxophone, rare instruments and the work with recorded medium or the musical computing, as well as musical theater.

Saxophone Extrême

A project originally based on the acquisition of Tubax, this magnificent contrabass saxophone made in Münich by Benedikt Eppelsheim. It is frequently associated to the Soprillo, a piccolo saxophone in Bb sounding an octave higher than the soprano.

The concept Extreme Saxophone gave birth to a CD which investigates all the facets of the tubax, and appears very often in the form of conferences-presentations, masterclasses and concerts.



*Corps noir convexe  by Marie-Hélène Fournier

*Le Soupir de la vache by Pierre-Adrien Charpy

*Froz#5  (+ computer) by Kasper T. Toeplitz

*Passion and Warfare  by Andreas van Zoelen

*Never wait to pull a reed by Vinny Golia

*L’incertitude de l’ombre (+recorded media) by Etienne Saur

*No limits  by Robert Lemay

Maknongan  by Giacinto Scelsi

Caprice en forme de Valse   by Paul Bonneau

*Plezuzor  by Yochk’O Seffer

Clinamen  by Aurel Stroë

Le Cirque  by Marc Monnet

Décombres (+computer) by Raphaël Cendo

*Fifth hour at the dance party  by John Oliver

Bass Nachtigall by Erwin Schulhoff


Folksong 2 by François Thuillier


Designed initially in association with the composer Etienne Saur, this project brings together the various saxophones with recorded media or computer live sound processing via MAX / MSP.
This project also opened the way to a collaboration with the Studio ART ZOYD in Valenciennes, consisting in adapting on computer (+MAX/MSP) some of the "historic" works of "mix music", such as SOLO of Karlheinz Stockhausen or Steve Reich's REED PHASE.

SOLO  by Karlheinz Stockhausen   S

Reed Phase  by Steve Reich        S

Aulodie  by François-Bernard Mâche  S

Grab it by Jacob Ter Veldhuis     T

L’incertitude de l’ombre  Tbx by Etienne Saur

Hippogriffe III by Marie-Hélène Fournier SB

Fragments Gourmands  by Jacques Lejeune  7 saxes

Goutte d’or Blues by Bernard Cavanna S°S

Soplando Almas by Luis Naon        S

Saxatile  by Jean-Claude Risset        S

Ensphered  by Michael Vaughan        S

Froz#5  (+ comp) by Kasper T. Toeplitz  Tbx

Décombres (+ comp) by Raphaël Cendo  Tbx

Anem by Henri Kergomard        S

Stan  by Christian Lauba        B

Reed Phase  by Steve Reich

CD Art Zoyd «Flight Experience #8»


This multidisciplinary show came from a long collaboration with the composer Marie-Hélène Fournier. It proposes a succession of theatralized (or not) musical pieces and of solo improvisations, with recorded medium, where the musician uses as well his voice as his instruments, where humour is never far away ... The CD Tandems is one of the facets of the project.
The concert (show) is generally accompanied with a paintings exhibition of paints by Jean-Charles Louot or by video projections (as Robert Cahen's video Postcards).

Hippogriffe III  ,  Horoscope , Cicutine , What should be done , 5 Muses ...

                        by Marie-Hélène Fournier

Fragments Gourmands  by Jacques Lejeune

Goutte d’or Blues by Bernard Cavanna

No limits  by Robert Lemay

Atem  by Mauricio Kagel

*Saxanzesse by Jean-Marie Colin  B/bd


First concept of solo concert imagined by Serge Bertocchi, the idea consists in putting several contemporary pieces "on the opposite page" with one of the six Suites for solo cello (played the sax baritone) by Johann-Sebastian Bach.
Little Big Horn is the only battle gained(won) by the Amerindians against the American army. Within the family of saxophones, it is also the "small" soprano and the "big" baritone fighting the persistent hegemony of the alto and of the tenor by calling upon a musical imaginary landscape of their own.

Suites for solo cello by Johann-S. Bach  B

*Le fusain fuit la gomme by MH. Fournier B

Distance by Toru Takemitsu  S

*Yod  by Bruno Giner  B

Soplando Almas by Luis Naon  S/bd

*Unbekannt by Sergio Pallante  B

Gradus by Phil Glass  S

Why? (The muted silence)

                        by Eric De Clercq B

Ultimo a lato by Giorgio Netti  S

*Égérie Multigam  by Marc Steckar B

Saxatile  by Jean-Claude Risset    S/bd

*Saxanzesse by Jean-Marie Colin  B/bd

Ensphered  by Michael Vaughan  S/bd

Arianna, Scriu numele tau by Fr. Rossé  S

Aksax by Costin Miereanu  B

Anachorète by Kasper Toeplitz  S

Tre Pezzi  by Giacinto Scelsi   S