Thuillier-Bertocchi Duo


Would Adolphe Sax have dreamt about it ? Mixing two of his favourite instrumental famillies : saxhorns and saxophones in a resolutely modern duo.

François Thuillier   Tuba-Saxhorn

Serge Bertocchi   Saxophones

A surprising meeting of sonorities and atmospheres !


John Cage : Sonata for two voices (T/Tb)

François Thuillier : Folksong 2 (Soprillo/Tb)

Frank Steckar :  Tuilages (Bar/Tb)

Serge Adam : Anthrax (Bar/Tb)

François Rossé : Bertyi Kilieto (Tbx (ou Bs)/Tb)

Serge Bertocchi : Acheuléens (Tbx/Tb)

Improvised trio : François Rossé, François Thuillier, Serge Bertocchi

François Thuillier’s «Folksongs 2» by François Thuillier & Serge Bertocchi for a show of the group Zic Zazou in Jacques Tati Center, Amiens in 2011. (followed by a hilarious solo by JM Maddedu ...). Click on the foto to see the video ...