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Founded in Paris in 1991, after two encounters in Vienna and Rotterdam, since then, the ensemble proposed to 

widen the repertoiry, the action range and eventually the image of this traditionnal formation of chamber music : the saxophone quartet. On one hand promoting a contemporary repertory still little known (Xenakis, Donatoni, Cage, Sciarrino etc.), commissionning many new pieces for a formation voluntarily mobile and open to all combinations or permutations offered by the large familly of the saxophones, and on the other hand  XASAX explores less academic lands such as compositions originating in Jazz or improvised music, as well as in a une re-reading of the «Art of the Fugue» by BACH, of rennaissance franco-flemmish polyphonies, or  Ars Subtilior from the XIVth century.

XASAX played in diverse festivals and institutions such as the Konzerthaus, Vienne (Autriche) - Jauna Muzika, Vilnius (Lithuanie) - West Deutscher Rundfunk, Cologne - Festival de Witten - ZKM Karlsruhe (Allemagne) - Musique Action, Vandoeuvre - E.N.A. , Strasbourg - Auditorium des Halles, Paris - Musicavoix, Evreux - Ulrichsberg Festival (Autriche) - Neue Muzik Rümlingen (Suisse) - Institut Cervantes, Toulouse - Festival Meslanges de Printemps, Dijon - Festival 2 days & 2 nights, Odessa (Ukraine) - East-West Kazan (Tatarstan) -Festival Archipel, Genève - Maison des Cultures du Monde, Berlin - Festival d’Automne, Paris - Festival d’Edimbourg - Darmstadt - Chicago - Salzburg - Milano Musica - Abbaye de Royaumont - Contempuls Prague ...


Repertory (selection) :

*Crosswind by Georges Aperghis

sax 4tet + viola

Kunst der Fuge by JS Bach

Canticum Novissimi testamenti (4tet + 4cl + 8vx) by Luciano Berio

*Hyperbaton (TTBB) by Alex Buess

*Ata9 (SSSS) by Alex Buess

*Equis by Bruno Giner

Méfie-toi des blancs (STTB) by Vincent Bouchot

Four5 by John Cage

Saxophone quartet by John Carisi

*Quiebros by Alvaro Carlevaro

Canon for 3 (AAA) by Elliott Carter

Rasch by Franco Donatoni

Quatuor de saxophones by Hugues Dufourt

Close the gap by Karlheinz Essl

Magic by Ivan Fedele

*Due Songs by Luca Francesconi

*Shift-Shaft by Claudio Gabriele

Quartet Op 109 by Alexandre Glazounov

Discours V by Vinko Globokar

Mobile Herbarium by Barry Guy

*even... the loudest sky ! by Bernardo Kuczer

*(S)AXE(S) by Robert Lemay

*Attractions by Denis Levaillant

*Saxophone quartet by Lubos Mrkvicka

*Avvicinamento by Giorgio Netti

*Cathode V by Otomo Yoshihide

(4tet + 3 gagaku + 2 electro)

*Axe à quatre by Ernest H. Papier

Vue sur les jardins interdits by Henri Pousseur

Spots by Frederic Rzewski

Pagine/Canzoniere da Scarlatti by Salvatore Sciarrino

La bocca, i piedi il suono by Salvatore Sciarrino (4A+100sax)

La harpe de Mellodie (AAT) by Jacob Senleches

*Approaching the arches of Corti (SSSS) by Elliott Sharp

Dawn II by Alessandro Solbiati

*Spuren (SATB) by Gerhardt Stäbler

*Albumblatt II by Hans Thomalla

Lamentatio by Errki-Sven Tüür

*So long (SATB) by Daniel Weissberg

3 Canons by Stefan Wolpe

XAS by Iannis Xenakis

*Cueillis par la mémoire des voûtes (4tet and string orchestra) by Alfred Zimmerlin

XASAX, modular saxophone ensemble

Discography (selection) :

  1. -Georges Aperghis : Music for saxophones and viola

Kairos, Vienne

- LUCIANO BERIO : Canticum Novissimi Testamenti / A-Ronne      DIAPASON D’OR Januar 2008   WERGO

- PAGINE/ CANZONIERE DA SCARLATTI by Salvatore Sciarrino ZigZag Territoires .  Choc du Monde de la Musique 2003

  1. -XASAX : Buess, Donatoni, Xenakis, Cage, Wolpe, Rzjewski       Erol records

  2. -ARS SUBTILIOR : Pousseur, Dufourt, Kuczer, Carlevaro, Senleches HatHut

- Conquest of Melody : Canons by Arnold Schönberg, Cage HatHut

  1. -COUNTERPOISE : John Carisi, Eddie Sauter HatHut

Name : XASAX

Definition : Modular  Saxophone Ensemble.

Age : 21

Members : Serge Bertocchi, Jean-Michel Goury, Marcus Weiss, Pierre-Stéphane Meugé (from left to right) .

Born in : Paris 1991, after  some brief encounters in Vienna and Rotterdam.

Objective : widening the repertoiry, the action range and the image of the saxophone quartet.

Favorite music : all kinds of today’s music, without exclusivity.

En 2013, XASAX will tour in Austria, play twice with large orchestra the Concerto «Wal» by Roland Moser (in Bern and Basel) during a Swiss tour.

Two important premieres will be held in the Witten Festival (Germany). One concerns the second saxophone quartet by Fabien Lévy : Toward the door we never opened.

The other, Monadology XV by Bernhard Lang, consistst in a double tribute to Iannis Xenakis and to John Coltrane. It will bring together XASAX and a magnificent ensemble from Geneva, the 2 pianos and percussions MAKROKOSMOS quartet, with which we hope to play often now on !

Another Coltranian project this year with Yochk’O Seffer, an unconditionnal worshiper of the master. We will revisit A Love Supreme with his quartet along with his own compositions for a new CD project .

More d’info : click on the red subtitles on top of the page, the underlined titles or CD images.

Xasax in La Villette, Paris in 1991

XASAX at the Finnish institute on june 26th 2006